BOB Revolution SE vs Baby Jogger Summit X3

Recently I started really exercising again, and when I mean exercising, I mean jogging.  I used to run a mile everyday (or try to) and before my daughter was born my husband and I would go to the gym 2-3 times a week.  I remember checking in on Facebook at our gym when I was 40 weeks pregnant!  Since my daughter was born almost 15 months ago I have not had a chance to go back.  They don’t have a daycare and while my husband and I could take turns going, it is more fun to go together.  So that being said, we cancelled my membership.

So now that I was ready to exercise again, we invested in a jogging stroller.  Well actually we bought two, but only to figure out which one we liked more.  We compared the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and the BOB Revolution SE.  Personally I liked the Baby Jogger more because it was not as massive as the BOB and when the canopy is folded down it is more compact and the plastic flap doesn’t sit behind my daughter’s head, but it felt a little heavier to push so we decided to keep the BOB Keep in mind that the BOB we got was used, a few years old, but in excellent condition.  I would have preferred to get the newest BOB Flex but we decided that an older model would work for what we needed.  The Baby Jogger was brand new.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 and Filly
Baby Jogger Summit X3 and Filly
BOB Revolution SE and Filly
BOB Revolution SE and Filly


BOB Revolution SE vs Baby Jogger Summit X3

BOB Revolution SE


Larger seat

Lighter (25 lbs)

Easy to push, requires minimal effort.

Can be used up to 70 lbs

Recommended to only use running when child is 6-8 months old (can hold their head up on their own well and pediatrician gives the “okay”)


Canopy folds into seat and if your child is tall it ends up behind their head

Smaller basket

Bucket seat is kind of awkward

Snack tray attachment is too high for 1 year old

Rather large fold (bulky).  Takes up lots of room in trunk. — in certain cars you may need to take off front wheel.

Baby Jogger Summit X3


Can be used up to 75 lbs

Narrower seat feels more like a standard stroller

Larger basket

Handlebar brake

Folds small.  Takes up less trunk space in car.


Recommended to only use for jogging when child is 12 months old and the pediatrician gives the “okay.”

Heavier (28 lbs)

Requires more effort to push and is heavier

I sort of really wished that the Baby Jogger had as smooth a push as the BOB.  Personally I liked it more because the size was closer to our normal everyday stroller, but in the end, if running with it requires more effort than needed than I’m better off with the other one.  On a side note.  If we didn’t already have an everyday stroller, this stroller would be great.

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What’s in my Diaper Bag

Packing a diaper bag for a newborn is way different from packing for a one-year-old.  When Beth was born my bag was packed, but to be honest, I didn’t bring a diaper bag to the hospital.  I fit everything in my Birdling Bags Weekender.  I’ll share what I packed in another post later.

weekender-olive1 (1)

Anyways, when Beth was a newborn my diaper bag consisted of swaddles, burp cloths, changes of clothing, pacifiers, a pacifier sanitizer uv one, a stuffed dog lovey, nursing cover, and the obvious changing pad cover, diapers, and wipes.

Back then I also had two diaper bags (one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter) and interchanged using a ToteSavvy insert.  Today, a little over a year later I have 4 diaper bags (including one in a duffel bag format and the other a backpack/messenger bag).  The backpack one by Fawn Design is my current favorite.  I got the limited edition color in Bloom.  I’m not sure how I went this long without one — thank you to my sister for getting it for me for my birthday!


I’m a very organized person when it comes to my diaper bag.  Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to getting the ToteSavvy Mini.  The larger one I have fits but I chose not to use it because I like to also take advantage of the interior pockets of the bag.  My husband definitely misses the ToteSavvy because he knew exactly where everything was kept for easy diaper changes.  Anyways, to keep things organized I bought some Travelon Packing Cubes.  They come in a set of 3.  I use 2 of the 3.  One I either keep my nursing cover inside or the high chair cover, the other I keep as many diapers as I can fit!

If we are traveling and not using my car I will throw in a Save Your Seat Disposable Car Seat Covers that I like to use on high chairs at restaurants.  (I reuse it unless it gets gross).  If we are using my car then I have two plush covers, one for shopping carts and one for high chairs.


From the pictures you will notice I really like “what I call” Dalmatian print.  My wet/dry bag and petite pouch are all from Logan and Lenora in the pattern Go Spot Go.  My Changing Pad is Audrey Stripe.  Logan and Lenora’s products are phenomenal.  The quality is beyond what I have seen elsewhere and they recently announced some of the bags are available at Nordstrom!

Inside the petite pouch I have a few toys, Kleynimals stainless steel keys, some finger puppets, and until recently, a bunch of teethers.  Now I’ve added some crayons and recently ordered Beth a MayDesigns notebook.  In the wet/dry bag I have a change of clothes, including shorts and pants plus some extra socks, as well as a hat.  (I hate socks–in the future booties are the way to go until your little one starts walking.)

*donuts obviously — Beth’s birthday is on National Donut Day

My wipes holder is from Babies R Us.  It’s one of those free Huggies ones that they sometimes offer with purchase.  Honestly I hate the Huggies wipes.  They rip too easily but you can’t go wrong with FREE.  On the plus side, they are reusable so I refill them with Target Up & Up Unscented Wipes.

In the insulated lunch bag by 7am Enfant which actually came with my large duffel diaper bag, I carry snacks for my daugher, disposable placemats, travel fork and spoon, bib, and one disposable floor mat.  This is more for quick outings — like to Target.  Usually I bring a separate lunch bag if we plan on being out all day or going out to dinner with some heartier snacks and a pre-made lunch/dinner if she doesn’t like what we eat or order for her.

I also have my wallet, car keys on an O-Venture Big O Key Ring, Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser, and a One Truffle clutch with my mommy items.

Beth’s sippy cup sits in one of the two side pockets or at the top of my bag.  I also usually have a water bottle with me as well.

Overall I have to say my Fawn Design bag is my favorite diaper bag.  Now that Beth is older and weighs more, it is a lot easier to carry her with a backpack style backpack.  Even loaded up with all this stuff, it isn’t too heavy in my opinion.  If you are a minimalist packer, they also make a mini version and I heard in September the Fall colors will be released!

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Birthday Giveaway!

To celebrate my daughter turning one and my 29th birthday I decided to giveaway a Fawn Design Tassel Keychain.  There is a backstory though…

About a month ago I attended A Positively Baby Shower in NYC hosted by Positively Oakes.  I had nominated my friend who recently had her baby and she nominated me to go as well.  We each got to bring a +1 so I brought my husband and my daughter.  Fawn Design was one of the table sponsors so we got to take home a tassel keychain — and for my birthday my sister got me the bag in the limited edition color, Bloom.  Needless to say, I am obsessed and don’t know why I never got a diaper bag backpack earlier.

Anyways, while we were at the event my daughter loved playing with the tassel keychain.  When I got home and went through my swag (which was amazing btw) and I emptied my diaper bag, I found a second tassel keychain.  She is going through a phase where she likes to put things away and she must’ve dropped it in the bag without me knowing.  So to celebrate her 1st birthday and my birthday I decided to give one away to a lucky mama since I only need one!

Enter the BIRTHDAY giveaway!

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#TBT His/Hers Baby Showers

My baby girl is almost ONE and it is making me think about my baby shower last April.  So for my first post I wanted to share all the details from my shower (and my husband’s!) Most people are like “what?” your husband had a shower? — yep!  I didn’t want him to feel left out, and while I have seen co-ed baby showers, I didn’t think he would have much fun playing “how big is mommy’s belly” or “baby unscramble.”  Instead I planned a shower for him and all his guy friends at the local brewery in my hometown.  Needless to say, the guys had a great time drinking craft beers and enjoying appetizers.

Planning both showers was a lot of fun!  I really should be an event planner.  My mom and her neighbor were primarily in charge of mine, but I did a lot of DIY for both showers.  Though Scott got to pick out the menu for his.  Scott’s invitation was designed by RootCauseDesigns on Etsy and my invitation was designed by Kori Clark, who has now illustrated my furbaby Filly twice.  The invitation was double-sided, one side for gentlemen and the other for the ladies.

Once the invitations were sent out and my husband chose his appetizer menu, the next step was to determine favors.  I wanted to surprise Scott with something for his shower, so I designed custom beer koozies from Totally Promotional.  The koozies came in two colors, mint and yellow.  The front side said “A Baby is Brewing” and the back said “Baby Goehringer due May 2016.”


I also decorated he/she Hershey’s bars in pink and blue for the guests to take as they were leaving since we are letting the gender of the baby be a surprise!

I had my father-in-law set up the goodies and decorations at the brewery and I’m happy with how it turned out.  The guys never got around to playing the game I had planned for them.  I bought ten 5 oz baby bottles and they had to see who could finish a beer in one of them!  Haha.  I did make a few of them and some of my friends play it when they met back at my shower for cake.

A Baby is BrewingScott's Shower Favors

As for my shower favors and other goodies.  My mom, her neighbor and I spent one evening making dog bone shaped bath bombs in a few different scents to go with the other gifts for guests.  Everyone got one candle from Wicks for Wags (Mediterranean Fig was the favorite), a puppy shaped soap from The Bath of Khan, a homemade dog bone bath bomb, and a shortbread cookie in pink or blue (boy or girl?)  As you can tell, we like to spoil our guests!

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Soap Scents: Lavender, Vanilla, Lemon Ice, Cucumber Melon
Candle Scents: Lemon Pound Cake, Mediterranean Fig, Lavender Chamomile, Cucumber Mint

Photo Apr 16, 7 09 32 PM

While pregnant I didn’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I do now while nursing.  French fries and bagels were what I mainly craved.  Occasionally pickles and olives! LOL . However, my cake and chocolate covered pretzels were delicious.  The cake was from a local bakery and the chocolate covered pretzels were from Prexel Bites.  The cookies and cream ones were the first flavor to disappear!  We also picked up some cookies from the farmer’s market.  I had to have my Italian rainbow cookies!

It was a wonderful celebration with lots of pictures to remind me about the special day!  Now I’m in the process of planning my daughter’s FIRST birthday party!