Newborn Essentials

So while Beth is no longer a newborn and actually just turned ONE!  A lot of people have asked me what newborn items we could not live without when she was little.  I’ve even had people ask me to look over their baby registry items and make suggestions <– I’ve probably done this 3-4 times.

4Moms mamaRoo
– We actually had two swings, one for upstairs and one for downstairs and the mamaRoo was by far our favorite.  Easy to clean, you can control it with your phone, and I gotta say, the car setting is my favorite.

Guava Family Lotus Bassinet and Crib Bundle – I am all about lightweight and what I love about the bassinet and crib bundle is that the bassinet converts into a crib when the baby gets too big.  We used this in our bedroom when we brought my daughter home from the hospital.  What is great about the bassinet is that you can actually rock it and once your baby outgrows the bassinet the crib is actually flush with the floor and has a side zipper.  There have been many times where I crawled partially in with her to soothe or nurse her.  Oh and did I mention the accessories.  You can also purchase a crib fun shade which is a baby sunshade with UPF50+ and a mosquito net.

If you are interested, click here and you can get a free cotton sheet with purchase!  We ended up buying 2 sets of sheets for the crib and 2 for the bassinet.  Recently I ordered the plush one now that my daughter is old enough.

Modern Burlap Swaddles – my daughter never liked to be fully swaddled.  We always had her arms out, but I do know many mom’s with babies that like to be fully swaddled.  Modern Burlap swaddles are larger than most swaddles which make them easier to fold and tuck in around your baby.  They are also super soft and are also great stroller blankets or swing covers for the playground.

The Laundress Stain Solution – this stuff is amazing!  I can’t even say enough great things about it.  It removes ALL stains and if the stain is really tough you can mix it with the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative.  Probably one of my most favorite products because let’s be real, poop explosions happen A LOT!

Sophie la Giraffe – this toy got a lot of use and is still one of my daughter’s favorites.  I know that a lot of people complained about mold (just make sure you clean it properly) — or if you order directly from Sophie, contact them and ask for one without the hole!  One tip: Invest in a harness for Sophie.  Beth’s is from Our Little Helpers but recently I discovered them on Amazon as well.  (*Clip on child’s waist or below though.  You don’t want it anywhere near their neck <– this applies to even pacifier clips).

Milk Snob and Covered Goods Nursing Covers – both companies I love so I ended up getting one from each of them.  It made sense in case one was in the wash.  If you plan on using a nursing cover, definitely start early.  A bunch of my friends never used them and now when they try to, the baby isn’t used to it and pulls it right off/squirms or cries.  I love that these are multifunction covers.  You can use them for nursing, covering the carseat from the wind, high chair cover, shopping cart cover, and swing cover.

Wildbird Ring Sling – I have a lot of carriers and my Wildbird Linen Ring Sling is by far my favorite.  Now I have to be honest with you.  I hated it for about 3 months.  I was getting so frustrated because I could never thread it properly or I felt it was too tight in some areas.  It takes practice, but once you get it.  I promise you will love it.

Munchkin Steam Cleaner – I don’t know about you but we don’t run the dishwasher every day so the steam cleaner was a necessity whether for bottles, teethers or pump accessories we use this thing multiple times a week.  I like the one we have, though I did just discover that they came out with a new one that looks even better.

Amazon Echo and Smart Light – handsfree is necessary with an infant.  You can download the White Noise Skill for Alexa or create a bedtime playlist via Pandora or Spotify and it is a game changer.  You can even connect it to a light!

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