#TBT His/Hers Baby Showers

My baby girl is almost ONE and it is making me think about my baby shower last April.  So for my first post I wanted to share all the details from my shower (and my husband’s!) Most people are like “what?” your husband had a shower? — yep!  I didn’t want him to feel left out, and while I have seen co-ed baby showers, I didn’t think he would have much fun playing “how big is mommy’s belly” or “baby unscramble.”  Instead I planned a shower for him and all his guy friends at the local brewery in my hometown.  Needless to say, the guys had a great time drinking craft beers and enjoying appetizers.

Planning both showers was a lot of fun!  I really should be an event planner.  My mom and her neighbor were primarily in charge of mine, but I did a lot of DIY for both showers.  Though Scott got to pick out the menu for his.  Scott’s invitation was designed by RootCauseDesigns on Etsy and my invitation was designed by Kori Clark, who has now illustrated my furbaby Filly twice.  The invitation was double-sided, one side for gentlemen and the other for the ladies.

Once the invitations were sent out and my husband chose his appetizer menu, the next step was to determine favors.  I wanted to surprise Scott with something for his shower, so I designed custom beer koozies from Totally Promotional.  The koozies came in two colors, mint and yellow.  The front side said “A Baby is Brewing” and the back said “Baby Goehringer due May 2016.”


I also decorated he/she Hershey’s bars in pink and blue for the guests to take as they were leaving since we are letting the gender of the baby be a surprise!

I had my father-in-law set up the goodies and decorations at the brewery and I’m happy with how it turned out.  The guys never got around to playing the game I had planned for them.  I bought ten 5 oz baby bottles and they had to see who could finish a beer in one of them!  Haha.  I did make a few of them and some of my friends play it when they met back at my shower for cake.

A Baby is BrewingScott's Shower Favors

As for my shower favors and other goodies.  My mom, her neighbor and I spent one evening making dog bone shaped bath bombs in a few different scents to go with the other gifts for guests.  Everyone got one candle from Wicks for Wags (Mediterranean Fig was the favorite), a puppy shaped soap from The Bath of Khan, a homemade dog bone bath bomb, and a shortbread cookie in pink or blue (boy or girl?)  As you can tell, we like to spoil our guests!

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Soap Scents: Lavender, Vanilla, Lemon Ice, Cucumber Melon
Candle Scents: Lemon Pound Cake, Mediterranean Fig, Lavender Chamomile, Cucumber Mint

Photo Apr 16, 7 09 32 PM

While pregnant I didn’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I do now while nursing.  French fries and bagels were what I mainly craved.  Occasionally pickles and olives! LOL . However, my cake and chocolate covered pretzels were delicious.  The cake was from a local bakery and the chocolate covered pretzels were from Prexel Bites.  The cookies and cream ones were the first flavor to disappear!  We also picked up some cookies from the farmer’s market.  I had to have my Italian rainbow cookies!

It was a wonderful celebration with lots of pictures to remind me about the special day!  Now I’m in the process of planning my daughter’s FIRST birthday party!