Binka Bear – Your Pacifier’s Best Friend

*This post is sponsored.  All opinions are my own.*

Ditching a pacifier is a very difficult thing for a toddler to do.  For us, as new parents at the time, we were advised to take away the pacifier at 6 months by our pediatrician.  We started out by only letting our daughter have it in the car, naps, and bedtime and slowly took it away.  I think she started using nursing as a comfort, but that’s a story for another post.

Many moms have a harder time taking the pacifier away, especially as the child gets older and more attached.  This is why Kaitlyn Pierce, mom of two girls, designed the Binka Bear.  But what exactly is the Binka Bear?  The Binka Bear is “an adorable and “magical” plush bear with a beautiful storybook designed to help parents wean their child from the pacifier.”

The bear is designed to hold your child’s pacifiers (up to 2) in its hands where it will keep them safe, out of your child’s mouth, but close to them for the comfort.  The concept is brilliant and I plan on getting one for my second child due in November.  Who knows if we will be able to wean from the pacifier the same way we did with my daughter.

Right now, the Binka Bear is looking for Kickstarter backers.  The goal is to reach $20,000.  They have 7 days to go!  Even though my daughter no longer uses a pacifier, she loved the Kickstarter video and wants one!  I had to play the video for her 3 times.  So, in addition to it being a great way to wean your child from the pacifier, it is a cute and cuddly plush toy!  I also love that it comes with a book, “Binka Bear and the Magic of Willowspring,” and guide on how to use the Binka Bear and start the weaning process.

Check out the Kickstarter and back this project to show your support!  The campaign ends August 10th.




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